some of my dream living spaces...

I am adoring this master bathroom; spacious, bright, full of light. as erica tanov says, "subtle, soft, beautiful, clean, pure." {via la dolce vita}.
Master closet perfection! If I had this closet, I'd never leave my house. Plenty of space for my 50-sum shoes. {via la dolce vita}.
Oh, dear; the most perfect dining room of my dreams. again, i love anything minimal, anything white, with dim-able lighting. So spacious, so crisp, clear, open, it exudes purity and tranquilty. the sliding doors are perfect for guests and for breathing space. Oh, can I please have it?!? {via la dolce vita}.
Stoic, subtle, still, minimalistic-my opinion of simple, aesthetic-perfection. {black eiffel via table tonic}.
Notice the Moroccan Pouffs-topic of discussion in my next blog! I love the couch and the bright pillows and red love seat in this living room. Definitely an interesting mix of texture, color and fabric. {the cross design via table tonic}.

I just LOVE this living space; the carpet screams my name and the colors are so vibrant. I love almost anything white, and the touches of pink and blues give it a beautiful and spunky, yet homely feel. I'd love to sit in this living room with a cup of earl grey, and architectural digest magazine. my idea of a perfect afternoon. notice the word LOVE in the background. i like it even more after that.
{living etc. via table tonic}.

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